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Kits solares de Leroy Merlin

What solar panels does Leroy Merlin offer?

Some months ago, we reviewed Leroy Merlin’s plug & play solar kits. Since then, they have expanded their offerings and also sell just solar panels. We took a look at their online and offline offerings.

Leroy Merlin solar panels marketplace

Leroy Merlin offers a range of solar panels on their website. The choice is a lot bigger than in any of their stores. This is because Leroy Merlin operates a marketplace for solar panels, where other companies can sell their solar panels on Leroy Merlin’s website. This makes Leroy Merlin’s solar panel offering much more attractive. In their stores, the offer is a lot more limited.

The Leroy Merlin solar panel section of their online store is divided into four categories:

  • Small panels of up to 200 W: these are smaller solar panels, for garden houses, campers or caravans, and charging small devices.
  • Panels of 200 W to 600 W: these are smaller or conventional solar panels, that you might know from rooftop installations.
  • Flexible and foldable solar panels: these are very small panels, for traveling and use on the road or while hiking.
  • Packs of solar panels: if you need more than just one or two panels, here you can buy bigger quantities of solar panels from Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin solar panels for professional use

As we wrote in other blog posts, there are portable solar panels that Leroy Merlin also offers. We will not focus on those, as they’re more for amateur use. The 200 W to 600 W solar panel category is where our focus will be. Leroy Merlin offers some smaller sized panels of low power from unknown brands. But the majority of the marketplace offering is of standard sized solar panels. These solar panels are of about 113 cm width, and generally come in 3 lengths: 172 cm, 200 cm and 238 cm. Leroy Merlin offers solar panels of a wide range of brands, like Risen, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Longi, but also of some unknown brands. As we wrote in another post, it is important to understand the quality of a solar panel to make sure you pick the right quality.

Given the wide range of solar panels these manufacturers produce, the Leroy Merlin solar panel offering is rather limited and includes only a small selection of what is available on the market. The way completely different solar panels are mixed on Leroy Merlin’s online store also hints that they are not specialized in this product category.

Leroy Merlin solar panels are sometimes also older models or of antiquated technology (like polycrystalline or PERC).


Buying a solar panel is a good decision if you want to produce your own solar power. Solar panels will produce power over many decades, so it is therefore important to select the right quality. It is recommended that you do this with a vendor specialized on solar panels, any buy the latest technology available on the market.

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