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Savings calculator

Our Savings Calculator helps you estimate how much energy different types of Plug & Play Solar Kit can produce in a year. It also helps estimate your energy consumption, so you can easily find out which kit is best for you. The more people there are in your household, the higher their electricity consumption will be, and therefore the more solar energy you will need.

How to use the PV GIS calculator

Example of PVGIS calculator


Add the address or GPS coordinates of your installation


Enter the power of your kit:

  • Performance 400 = 0.483 kWp
  • Performance 800 = 0.966 kWp
  • Light 300 = 0.31 kWp
  • Light 600 = 0.62 kWp


Add the angle or slope of the mount

  • 0 = horizontal mount
  • 20
  • 60
  • 90 = vertical mount


Enter the orientation or azimuth of your kit

  • -90 is East
  • 0 is South
  • 90 is West


Click on visualize results

Understand your results

Example results of PVGIS calculator

Once you click "Visualize results", at the left of the screen you will see the "Yearly PV energy production [kWh]" field, which corresponds to the annual production.

The bar graph indicates the monthly production of your solar kit.

Also if you are interested you can download the results in PDF.

Did you find the right kit for you?

The following information simulates estimated savings based on the use of one Plug & Play Solar Kit. It is important to note that these figures are intended as simulations and should be viewed as approximate values to help you understand the potential savings you may experience.

The calculations and estimates presented here are based on several assumptions, including average energy consumption, sunlight exposure, system efficiency, and a € 0,30 kWh price. These assumptions aim to provide a reasonable estimate but may not reflect your specific circumstances accurately. For more details, you can contact us and we will help you.

Each individual's experience with solar panel savings may differ. It is recommended to consult with a qualified solar energy professional or take a look at our help material to get a more customized result for you.

The results given are provided by the PHOTOVOLTAIC GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM of the European commission.

Remember, the purpose of these estimated savings is to provide you with a general idea of the potential financial benefits of using solar panels. It is important to conduct a thorough evaluation of your specific circumstances and consult with professionals to obtain accurate and personalized information.