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AP System

Optimize your solar power system.

With AP Systems

AP Systems is dedicated to unlocking smart energy solutions for a greener world. Our advanced microinverter technology maximizes energy production, enhances system reliability, and optimizes performance for residential and commercial solar installations. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, AP Systems is leading the way in revolutionizing the solar industry and shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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AP Systems specializes in advanced microinverter technology and monitoring systems that optimize the performance of solar energy systems in residential and commercial installations.

Blog posts

Germany laws about solar panels
General Information

The right to plugin solar installations - changes in property law make solar installations even easier in Germany

This past Thursday, 04.07.2024, the German parliament passed changes to home ownership and tenancy laws that will make the installation of plugin solar kits significantly easier. The changes aim at...

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Price match

Challenge us: Robinsun matches any solar kit price

At Robinsun, our mission is to give all families access to affordable solar energy solutions. We focus on high-quality plugin solar kits with the latest technology, so that our customers can produ...

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Robinsun sells on Amazon, Leroy Merlin and ManoMano
General Information

Amazon, Leroy Merlin, ManoMano - Find Robinsun on the top online marketplaces

At Robinsun we want as many families as possible to install plug & play solar kits in ever more places. That’s why we are present in the main online marketplaces where you can find plug & ...

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