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Today we celebrate the International Day of Light

Today we celebrate the International Day of Light

Today we celebrate the International Day of Light to remember the crucial role light plays in our lives. Light is a given for many of us, it’s there during the day and at night you just switch it on. In times where sustainability and climate change are on top of the agenda, we should remember the crucial role that light plays, appreciate it, and think about how we can use it ever more mindfully and productively.

What is the International Day of Light?

In 2017 UNESCO declared May 16 as the International Day of Light. May 16 was picked because it is the “anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman”. Laser is a perfect example of how technological advancements in light science can improve our everyday lives.

Since 2018, the International Day of Light on May 16 has been celebrated as “an annual focal point for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy”.

The major goals of the International Day of Light are:

  • Remember how light is central to our daily lives
  • Promote worldwide education on science for everybody
  • Highlight the connection between light and art and culture
  • Emphasize basic research in the fundamental science of light and light-based technology
  • Focus on the importance of lighting technology, the access to light and energy infrastructure
  • Raise awareness for the achievement of greater energy efficiency

How does Robinsun contribute?

At Robinsun, we love technology, sustainability and efficient use of resources. Our plug & play solar kits embody all of these. Light is something that every household uses on a daily basis, and it’s so ubiquitous and “always on” that many of us take it for granted. But the many lights on in our homes every day also add up to quite some electricity consumption, and since this isn’t a “quick one-off” consumption like a coffee machine or microwave, but a “slow but steady” consumption like your fridge, it’s something that ultimately adds up to your power bills.

And on a side note, while writing this blog post, the building in front of our office has - the lights on in full daytime. This helps as a reminder that even during the day, voluntarily or by accident, light contributes to our power consumption and bills. Adding a plug & play solar kit, producing your own renewable solar energy for self consumption at home, is a perfect way to make sure your use of light doesn’t harm the environment.

And for those that now ask “OK but how about the light at night?”, we answer “get a battery” or “certify your kit”, so that you can use the solar power you generate during the sunshine hours, when there is plenty of natural light, to use it in the evening.

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