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New cable extensions

We’re adding a range of cable options to our store

Over the past months we noted that our customers keep asking for more flexibility in where to mount their plug & play solar kits. This often requires extension cables of different types, either between the solar panels or between the kit and the nearest socket. We’re now launching different types of cables in various lengths in our accessories shop, so that all customers can find what they need for their installation.

What types of cables are we offering?

As of July, you can buy three types of cables in various lengths in our cable store at Robinsun:

  • Betteri-Schuko cables of various lengths, from 3 m (the default in our kits) to 20 m. This cable connects the micro inverter to a normal Schuko socket. This cable allows you to install your plug & play solar kit wherever you want, and with more choice in length you only pay what you really need. There is no loss in transfer on these cables.
  • MC4 extension cables of various lengths, from 1 m to 3 m. This cable connects the solar panels to the micro inverter. Cables come in pairs. With these extensions, you can install the solar panels with more distance from each other.
  • Betteri extension cables of 1m. This cable allows you to connect various micro inverters in a daisy chain. If the solar panels are installed vertically, the length of the micro inverter cable is enough to connect two micro inverters to each other. But if the solar panels are installed horizontally, it is more complicated to connect several micro inverters. Here a 1m extension helps to bridge the gap between the micro inverters


If you’re looking for cables to extend your plug & play solar kit, with Robinsun you came to the right place. We have all the cables you might need to make the best use of our Robinsun Performance kits.

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