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Self-consumption of solar energy

Self-consumption of solar energy is growing in Spain, but not enough

Pontevedra leads the installation of solar kits in Spain by number of inhabitants and Lleida by number of kits

Madrid, May 22, 2024.- Installations of solar kits for self-consumption of solar energy are growing in Spain, but they are still far from leading countries in this type of systems such as Germany - which accounts for more than 1.5 million - or France. Data from the European PV GIS* database indicates that Spain has many more hours of sunshine than these countries, but does not convert them into energy. Plug & play solar kits, which allow you to self-install the panel and plug it in to start generating renewable energy for self-consumption, could reduce both the electricity bill and the CO2 generated by traditional electricity generation.

Pontevedra leading. Madrid-Barcelona at the same time

Against all odds, those who have purchased the most solar energy kits in Spain are neither those who live in large cities nor in the sunniest ones. Robinsun data shows that, in relation to the number of inhabitants and installed kits, Pontevedra is the province that most exploits its hours of light to generate clean energy and thus reduce electricity bills and CO2 emissions.

Solar kit installations in Spain

These same data also show that Madrid has more kits per inhabitant installed than Barcelona, ​​although the difference is small. Both are below the national average. What is most surprising is that the Canary Islands or Andalusia, which have by far the highest production in all of Europe given the hours of sunshine they are lucky enough to have, rank quite low.

An annual savings option

Solar kit savings in Spain

In the graph we see the possibility of generating solar energy in kWh per year, as well as the reduction in the bill resulting from the self-installation of kits, always with data from Robinsun and its clients. The data shows an average of €380 reduction in the energy bill in Spain for a cost of €800 in the purchase, so in just over 2 years the investment would be more than amortized. Furthermore, the light produced by the kit is 100% renewable and does not emit CO2 emissions, something that the traditional electricity generation system does not do.

Boris Hageney, founder of Robinsun, a pioneering company of self-installable solar kits, defends that “we have to make the Spanish sun profitable and democratize it. In our country, only 36% of Spaniards benefit when we all have access to a sun that, on average, provides 330 hours a month.”

Ethical business with the sun in your face

Hageney also highlights the importance of business ethics in the sale of this type of panels, always looking for reliable companies that offer quality products. To reach those who are interested in this type of product, but are not sure about it, the team launched the “Sunset Sessions” information sessions in which doubts of all kinds are resolved and advice is given: https://

The main question for those interested in installing a self-consumption solar kit lies in the certification of the installation, which is not necessary up to 800 W if energy is not going to be added to the grid. In any case, the kit can be certified without problem. Another doubt that arose was the amount of energy that can be produced. Robinsun explained that, in a household of about 2 or 3 people, the expense of the electricity bill can be offset by generating maximum energy, reaching a minimum expense (around €20: basically power contracted and its taxes) and with the objective of reaching €0 expenses.

About Robinsun

Founded in Madrid in 2023, Robinsun has the mission of giving all homes the opportunity to fight climate change by producing their own solar energy for self-consumption. The company's Plug & Play Solar Kits use proven technology components and are extremely affordable and easy to install. With Robinsun, all homes, even those without roofs, can participate in our energy transition and save on their electricity bill.

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